Sunday, 27 September 2009

American Psycho

American Pyscho is one of those films that makes you laugh uncomfortably throughout, but when its finished, you just walk away feeling disgusted. Its definitely an underrated masterpiece. Funny-one-minute, horrifying the next. Mary Harron and Christian Bale create an almost magical balance between the tragic and comic elements of this story. It connects strongly in the moment, and has proven memorable over time, for the vivid impressions it makes in tone as well as look, its potent blends of sound and image.

This film isn't for everyone. If you are offended by purposeless terrible deeds and unrepentant evil, skip it. But those who can stomach it will find it a chilling glimpse into a serious psychological disorder.

One of the most misunderstood movies in years, but actually turns out to be a savage satire that is so smart, so daring and so damned funny it will make your head spin.

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  1. You should read the original book. So twisted and disturbed in its nonchalant violence that it actually makes your stomach turn. Like you've said, not for everyone but a true master piece that should be endured just for the experience!