Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

I have literally just gotten back from seeing this film at the cinema in 3D with some friends (one of which will probably be posting this on their blog as well). I really liked it. The animation was fantastic, but I didn't really think the third dimension added much to the film and i would have probably liked it just as much if i had seen it in 2D. Although saying that, seeing burgers fly out of no where onto the screen was quite surreal. A machine that makes water into food - the perfect solution to solve world hunger. Or so you would think. I cant help but think that there is a hidden meaning within this movie as well. A witty movie about the excess food consumption and food waste of the earth, just like the movie Wall-e. Of course in the end of the movie, everything is sorted out and there are no more food problems and thus, no more mass consumption. But they also make a big point about the food thats wasted in the movie - its just all deposited behind a dam... there has to be a hidden meaning in there somewhere. The film has a killer script with lines such as: "That spaghetti twister is just an amuse bouche compared to what's on the way".
A great film for the whole family.

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