Monday, 28 September 2009

Pablo Picasso

I’m a big fan of Picasso’s work, his style has always interested me. Guernica, pictured above is a navy blue, black and white painting by Picasso dipicting the bombing of Guernica by the Germans, Spanish and Italian warplanes. It shows war and suffering amidst individuals.

People have tried to decipher deeper meanings to this painting, however, Picasso stated: “I make the painting for the painting. I paint the objects for what they are” suggesting there is no deeper meaning. However, there are 2 hidden images formed in the image. The human skull that overlays the horses body and a bull that appears to be tackling the horse from underneath.

This has led people to try and interpret the painting further with such results as the broken sword at the bottom of the painting symbolizing the defeat of the people at the hand of the tormentors.

I decided to include one of the 'Weeping' series by Picasso as well, just because i like it...

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