Monday, 28 September 2009

Wassily Kandinsky at the Tate Modern

I was just watching tv and something about the Tate Modern came on (I think it may have been part of This Morning). It showed a load of pieces of art from inside the gallery. The one that most stood out to me was ‘Cassacks’ by Kandinsky. The program said how Kandinsky’s art was influenced by the music he listened to when painting which, i feel could be a fantastic influence over people. Mainly because i always listen to music when i work, and often try to get ideas by listening carefully to the music/lyrics.

Kandinsky believed abstract paintings could convey spiritual and emotional values through the arrangement of colours/lines. However, the program also mentioned how this isn't a true abstract painting as there are actual distinguishable things painted in it, such as the rainbow in the centre of the picture and the castle on top hill on the right. It is essentially just a painting of a landscape with russian cossacks fighting each other and guarding the castle. The program went on to mention how these were representational elements which could be considered as points at which the images could be registered rather than the true content of the painting.


  1. I saw Kandinsky's exhibition at the Tate a couple of years ago. I have always liked his work but seeing the paintings in reality at such a large scale, they really are beautiful. What I found most interesting was the progression of his work from early pieces to his later ones. His paintings become more and more abstract, I particularly like his most recent ones due to the dramatic use of shape and colour.

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