Friday, 11 September 2009

Barcelona Cathedral

I travelled around europe for a few weeks this year and saw a few landmarks throughout italy, spain and greece. I thought this cathedral was incredible. The fact that its been in production for about 100 years or something and still hasnt been completed is rediculous. But the melting effect of the building is mesmerising.


  1. I love the gothic design of this Cathedral- Gaudi's architecture in Barcelona alone has always made me want to go there! Did you see any of his other architecture? my rents went for their wedding anniversary this summer and the only thing I asked them to get me was a postcard of this cathedral! love it.

  2. I saw Gaudi's Cathedral last year when I visited Barcelona, it is stunning and was most memorable to me than anything else. Gaudi's houses there are also really interesting, as has such a distinct and unique style.