Monday, 28 September 2009

Derren Brown

Derren Brown, I’ve been watching a few of his programs recently and as far as i can tell, its all complete rubbish. The way in which he says he ‘predicted’ the lottery was ridiculous - free writing? No Derren. Made me think that his explanation at the end of the show telling us how he could have rigged it seems more believable.

The next show, getting people to stick to their seats wasn’t believable either. I was watching intently throughout the show, however, not only was i not stuck in the slightest, but i dont know anyone else that got stuck either??? I’m not very impressed so far Derren.

Before his next show (trying to project an image into all of our heads) i went to see ‘HypnoDog’ at the union. I didn’t go to this with a very open mind after watching all these Derren Brown things and not really believing it was possible to make them do what you want without them realising. However, by the end of this quite impressive show, i was a lot more open minded. Not only would these people not have done most of the stuff he told them to do without the influence of hypnotism, but it was also a lot more impressive than everything i had seen by Derren Brown so far.

Anyway, it was the day after HypnoDog that the next Derren Brown show was on, so i decided to be a lot more open minded about it and see if this helped. It was actually quite a disappointing show where the projection of the image into our minds only lasted about 2 minutes. Even so, i tried to keep an open mind and started drawing when we were told to. However, by the end of the show it turned out that what i had drawn wasnt really anything like what was supposed to be projected. I drew the pyramids, where the image was supposed to be concentric circles/stone henge.

Another failure by Derren Brown in my eyes, i’ll have to see how next week compares.

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  1. I haven't been very impressed with the Events either...however, his older series are really interesting (I think!) The Events have had the biggest injection of "showmanship" out of all of the series. The "psychology, missdirection...etc" of his older stuff is dead good!