Sunday, 27 September 2009

New York

When i was in New York, i didn't get to see the outside of the Guggenheim as it was being being renovated. This was quite disappointing as i had seen pictures and was looking forward to seeing it. However, just seeing pictures of Frank Lloyd Wright’s invention is enough! I was very impressed with the spiraling gallery inside, this really does achieve what he set out to do in creating more than just an area to hang paintings.

I have also included an image of the Apple store in New York. Another amazing piece of architecture in New York. I didnt even notice it when i first walked past and when it was pointed out to me, i was quite confused as to where the shop actually was?! A glass box that descends into the floor where the actual shop is. Another stroke of genius from Apple.

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  1. When on an tour bus in New York, the guide made a very good point that you can only build up. But Apple have to be different and as you said built their shop downwards. Obviously, they would be the ones to figure out this clever strategy. As with all their other products, I'm sure other companies will follow suit.