Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Smirnoff Campaigns

I have stumbled across 2 Smirnoff campaigns here using the same idea of using the Smirnoff bottle as a sort of beer goggle, but executing them differently. The 2 ads above have used a grotty looking place, but suggests that through the use of the drink, everything seems a lot prettier, which is generally what happens...
But the ads below have used the bottle in a different sense. They have taken a nice image and made the result of the alcohol almost malign.
I think its a very clever idea, but some of the ads below could give some people the wrong idea.

This ad with the babies may suggest that babies can drink the alcohol which would give out a very bad message.

I personally think they may have come up with the campaign involving the first 2 examples in this post after the others due to complaints from the public. But i could be wrong.

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